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Parts (New & Used)
River City Appliance offer new and used parts sales to dealers and the public. We offer dealers prices with account setup. All parts are usually ordered and for next day delivery and pickup. Used parts are checked for workable operation before sale. Used parts are sold at about 25% to 50% less than of new parts. 
Any electronic components do not have any form of refund or exchanges. The manufacturer does not accept electronic parts as refundable items, so we do not accept them as refundable items as well. Call us or you can contact us through out Contact Us page, please include the model and/or part number when contacting us. Electrical components are non-refundable or exchangeable and must be prepaid in advance, this is a requirement from the manufacturer of the retailer pasted on to the repair company. 

All appliances have been tested and completed checked out and gone through before sales. We offer a 30 day manufacturers parts warranty only on replaced parts in appliances. All appliances are sold "AS IS" no refunds after purchase. We only provide warranties on appliances that have been completely reconditioned. 

We have used appliance that are not currently listed on our site, please call us for used appliances in stock. 

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